Printmaking is the process of making artworks by printing, normally on paper. Prints are created by transferring ink through a prepared screen to a sheet of paper or other material. Common types of printmaking include: metal plates, usually copper or zinc, or polymer plates for engraving or etching; stone, aluminum, or polymer for lithography; blocks of wood for woodcuts and wood engravings; and linoleum for linocuts. Screens made of silk or synthetic fabrics are used for the screen printing process. There are several different printmaking techniques which include

• Woodcut
• Aquatint
• Monoprint
• Engraving
• Drypoint
• Monotype
• Etching
• Lithography
• Mezzotint

Each of theses printmaking techniques has their own process and visual outcome. They allow for the artwork to look completely different depending on the technique used. Below are the list of materials we carry to suit all your printmaking needs.


Etching Needles/Lino Cutters






Etching Needles
Etching Needles are essential tools for printmaking, they are capable of producing extremely sensitive lines on grounded plates. These needles and scribes are tapered to a fine point and are intended for all different types of mark making. Here are some of the etching needles available and the purposes they serve:
Double Point Scribe-is a cork handled etching needle has a traditional, double-edged steel tip and a comfortable grip. This handle is ideal for both beginning artists and seniors who have trouble grasping the traditional thin etching needle.
Twisted Etching Needle– is the perfect tool for those interested in modeling, moldmaking, and sgrafitto. Solid steel, 7″ (178 mm) long. It has tapered point on both ends and is perfect for making fine lines and marks.
Burnishers-have straight tips which are designed to flatten burrs and polish the plate surface of your printmaking piece. They are also intended for image making & corrections.
 Scrapers-are a solid triangular shape and has three sharp sides used for scraping away the plate surface; for image making and corrections. It is similar to the burnisher except for its shape.
Lino Cutters
These Lino Cutters are sharp steel cutting edges that are perfect for cutting into linoleum blocks and speedy carve material.
Linoleum Block/Speedy Carve



Linoleum Block
Using a linoleum block is a great way to make linocuts which is a technique used in printmaking. This is often found as a easier alternative to woodcut because the surface is much easier to work with. The linoleum block can be easily cut into using a knife or lino cutters to create an image that can then be used to print off of. Linoleum Block come both mounted and unmounted; as well as in various sizes up to 12in x 12in. The mounted variation sit on a block which is easy to hold and simply press down into paper or whatever surface you choose to print on. The unmounted is thin enough to fit through a roller and can be printed in that fashion. Linoleum blocks are widely used in schools to introduce children to the art of printmaking, using it to complete many tasks in which traditional printmaking may be too difficult to accomplish. It is also a great alternative for non-professional artists that use lino rather than wood for printing.
Speedy Carve
Speedy Carve is an eraser like material that makes carving into very easy. It is more flexible compared to linoleum and will not crack or break. Speedy Carve is great because it can transfer images from inkjet printers, clip art, and newspapers. Similarly to linoleum they come in various sizes up to 12in x 12in and in two colors; both pink and blue. Speedy Carve is great introduction tool for printmaking and a quick solution for stamp making and printmaking.
Block Printing Ink

speedball inknewsmall

Block Printing Ink
Speedball offers Water Soluble and Oil-Based Block printing inks. Speedball’s Water Soluble Block Printing Inks come in 18 brilliant colors and come in various tube sizes. These inks are easy to clean up with water, non-toxic, gluten free and super for printmaking with linoleum, wood, Flexible Printing Plate, Speedy-Carve™, Speedy-Cut™ and Polyprint. All Speedball inks are AP Non-Toxic and are excellent for use in the studio, school or home. The Oil-Based Block Printing Inks available in 10 brilliant colors in 37cc tubes or 7 colors available in 75cc tubes. Suitable for printing on papers and fabrics, they are non-darkening, waterproof and permanent.
 Etching Ink


Etching Ink
Etching Inks are strong reliable inks for edition printing. Etching inks can come in a broad palette range which is perfect for both mixing and using on its own. These inks offer a strong line and medium plate tone. They are great for engravers, printers of mezzotints, or others who need more resistance from their ink.