Easels are a great resource for being organized, productive, and comfortable in your own space while creating your artwork. They allow for both leverage and support for your canvases as well as great pieces of furniture for displaying framed artwork. There are generally two types of easels free standing and table top. Free standing easels have the great advantage of standing on there own while you work. They are best for still life art work and outdoor art work where the subject matter is positioned further away. Table top easels have the benefit of being small enough to use directly on a table. This allows for the comfort of a table and chair but also allows for the canvas to be angled in such a way that is generally more comfortable then being flat on the table. Both table top and free standing easels come in wood and metal. There are some easels that offer the benefit of being both free standing and table top, other allow for built in storage for supplies and some are even compact enough to be taken on the road. We can help you find the right easel to fit whatever work space you have that fits your budget.