Canvas & Panels

Canvas is an extremely durable plain-woven fabric used as a painting surface that is stretched across a wooden frame. The wooden frame called a stretcher can be put together yourself or custom made for you. It may be coated with gesso before it is used; this is to prevent oil paint from coming into direct contact with the canvas fibers, which will eventually cause the canvas to decay. Canvas, which stretches more fully and has an even, mechanical weave, offers a more economical alternative. The advent of acrylic paint has greatly increased the popularity and use of now standard cotton canvas.  Early canvas was primarily made of linen, a sturdy brownish fabric of considerable strength. Linen is particularly suitable for the use of oil paint. In the early 20th century, cotton canvas, often referred to as “cotton duck,” came into use. Linen is composed of higher quality material, and remains popular with many professional artists, especially those who work with oil paint. Canvas boards are also available to artist who want to make quick sketch studies or simply want a cheap canvas without it being on stretcher bars. Canvas boards are made of cardboard with canvas stretched over and glued to a cardboard backing, and sealed on the backside. Canvas Pads are also very similar, providing a canvas surface on thinner paper stock then the canvas boards.







Artist Series Oval and Round Stretched Canvas
Fredrix Oval and Round Stretched Canvases are made of medium weight, acrylic primed canvas stretched on round shaped frames. Suitable for acrylic, oil and mixed media. They can made in specific sizes and are perfect for portrait paintings or other unusual shaped artwork.
Artists Series Red Label
Fredrix Red Label Canvas features superior quality medium textured, duck canvas. It is double-primed with acid-free acrylic gesso for use with oil or acrylic painting. The canvas is stapled onto the back of standard stretcher bars. Paint on all four edges and hang it with or without a frame. All sizes larger than 24″ x 36″ include single or double bracing for added support.
Artist Series Ultra Smooth Blue Label
Fredrix Ultra Smooth Blue Label pre-stretched canvas is made of superior quality medium weight blended PolyFlax/ cotton duck with fine texture for use with oils or acrylic paints. Ideal for portraits and other fine detail work. It is triple primed with acid free acrylic gesso. The canvas is stapled onto the back of standard stretcher bars. Paint on all four edges and hang it with or without a frame.
Artists Series Watercolor Canvas
Fredrix Pre-Stretched Watercolor Canvas is a 100% cotton artist canvas which combines the texture of a natural, woven fabric with a specially formulated gesso designed for all water-based paints. It is versatile and durable. It will not tear like paper and you can lightly lift out pigment or completely wash out your painting surface without damaging the canvas surface. The canvas is stapled onto the back of standard stretcher bars. Paint on all four edges and hang it with or without a frame.
Pro Series Belgian Linen
PRO Series Belgian Linen Pre-Stretched Canvas is considered by many to be the ultimate surface for oil painting and also among the most archival. Our professional-quality, pre-stretched canvases feature the finest, 5.5 oz pure Belgian linen, primed with acid-free acrylic Titanium gesso to a finished weight of 11 oz. Our top of the line stretcher strips are kiln dried to prevent warping with extra bracing for added support ensuring these canvases will stay straight and not warp over time. Fredrix PRO Series Belgian Linen canvases are perfect for oil, acrylic and alkyd paints.


Masterpiece Elite canvas is the sturdiest canvas for painting on. Its solid wood stretcher bars and keyable cross braces give the perfect support for all painting mediums. The surface is triple primed with gesso and it is conservator-approved archival. This is the perfect canvas for high end art and can be specially ordered to fit your needs.
Winsor & Newton





Artist Canvas
Winsor & Newton’s Artist Canvas uses 100% medium grain cotton. The canvas has been primed with acid free sizing and two coats of highly pigmented primer. The result is a canvas with tooth, adhesion and absorbency, which prevents the sinking of color. Available in standard sizes ranging all the way up to 48×72.
Canvas Boards
The medium grain surface of our canvas boards is ideal for all techniques including heavier applications of color. Stable and hand stretched for the right tension, the boards are coated with acid free sizing and two coats of highly pigmented primer giving tooth, adhesion and balanced absorbency, preventing the sinking of color. Especially useful for painting outdoors, canvas boards offer the same double-primed painting surface as stretched canvases. They range from 4×6 to 24×36 in size and are perfect for art projects on a budget. The canvas board is perfect for fitting into almost any size frame without the hassle of a deep fit frame.
Deep Edge Canvas
Deep Edge Canvases have deeper sides and thicker stretchers bars so that your painting can be hung unframed for extra impact. It is available in rectangular, square and maritime formats and suitable for use with oil and acrylic color.
Linen Canvas
Linen Canvas is the traditionally preferred surface of professional artists. Linen canvas is ideal for all techniques including heavier application of color. For excellent color adhesion and ideal absorbency, the linen has been primed three times using acid free sizing with an additional two coats of highly pigmented primer. It is available in a standard and Deep Edge.


Panels or Masonite Boards are hard boards made of steam-cooked and pressure-molded wood fibers which can come pre-gessoed  or remain ungessoed. Artists have often used it as a support for painting and in artistic media such as linocut printing. They come in various sizes and thicknesses up to about two inches. They can be a great alternative to canvas and sometimes maybe even a more economical choice. They tend to come in various sizes from 4×4 up to 24×36. This wide range makes them great for any and all projects.




Ampersand’s artists panel is top quality MDF panel sealed with acid-free acrylic gesso with added canvas texture. It is perfect with oil paints and acrylics, the ready-to-paint canvas-like texture gives artists all the advantages of painting on panel, but with the familiar feel of a fine linen or canvas. The durable rigid medium density fiberboard support makes the Artist Panel ideal for palette-knife painting and multi-media applications. Available in a 9mm panel with hanging slots on the back, a ¾” and a 1.5″ cradled profile. The cradle support frames are hand made using 1/2” birch plywood offering maximum stability and support.
Art Alternatives


Art Alternatives
Art Alternatives wood panels are more durable than canvas, they resist flexing or warping, making them great for painting. This wood panel allows for thick, heavy applications and palette knife work, as well as encaustic, mixed media and craft use as a shadow box, frame or tray. The 4mm hand-sanded birch wood surface is smooth for detailed work and mounting. The sturdy pine cradle adds support and allows for hanging without a frame. Available in two profile depths: Studio panels have a 3/4″ deep profile and Gallery panels have a 1-1/2″ deep profile.


C2F’s hard board panels is a great inexpensive alternative to canvas panels. These boards are manufactured 1/8″ thick, smooth one side of a medium light tan hardboard. They can be gessoed and used as a painting surface, as a mixing palette or used as a base when taping down watercolor papers. These boards are also a great alternative to sketch boards, made of the same material their unique sizes can be a great surface to work on sketches from anywhere.


Fredrix’s paint boards are perfect for mix media. Made with 100% archival cotton they are ready to be painted on and transported from one place to another fairly easily. The paint boards incorporate NatureCore which a proprietary blend of components that includes 100% recycled, pH-neutral chipboard and a vegetable-based, bio-plastic core. Each board is pre-primed with acid-free titanium acrylic gesso and measures ¾” (18 mm) thick. Fedrix’s paint boards work great with watercolors, acrylics, oil paints, tempera, gouache, and other aqueous-based media.


Jack Richeson


Jack Richeson
Jack Richeson’s carry a few different types of hard boards that are pre-primed. These strong warp-resistant tempered panels come in white, umber wash or a mid-tone grey. They are a great time and energy saver and are perfect for professionals and students alike. The hard boards can easily manage oils, alkyds, acrylics, caseins, and other water-based paints. These hard boards come in a variety of sizes and should fit any painters needs.